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McWong is a leading environmental engineering company headquartered in the west coast of the U.S. with branch offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China. Its services in China include project design, project contract, engineering installation, operations management and investment of feedwater treatment, wastewater treatment, water recycling/reuse, zero-emissions, sludge treatment, oil sludge treatment and other environmental projects. We also provide core technologies and equipments of sewage treatment and sludge treatment with advanced world levels.

McWong boasts an experienced, well trained and highly sense of responsibility staffs. They supply comprehensive range of technical support and over-value service for our clients. Hundreds of projects have been completed in China, including petrochemical industry, coal chemical, steel, municipal, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive and other industries.

The progress and development of McWong is based on deep understanding and the maximum satisfaction from customer requirements. McWong closely follow the pace of the advanced technology, improve our post-sales services and supply diversity training for our employees in time. We help our clients to face environmental challenges with our specialities. As the president of McWong Alex Ping Zhang said: "making contributions to the improvement of environment in China is our greatest wish. The commitments for our clients, the qualities and the environment lead McWong to success."